Phil's expenses

MEP’s Pay & Expenses

Personal Income:

MEPs are paid a salary fixed at the rate of 38.5% of the basic salary of a judge serving on the European Court of Justice. This currently amounts €8,757.70 a month, but it's reduced to €6,824.85 after EU tax and insurance contributions. The actual payment to British MEPs depends on the exchange rate and varies from month to month.

Tax is deducted at source at the ‘European Community’ rate and income will also be declared to the HMRC and be subject to UK taxation. This means Phil Bennion will pay additional tax and make National Insurance contributions to ensure that his total deductions amount to the same as the UK rates.

 The MEPs’ pension fund is non-contributory. All payments to it are made from the Parliament’s budget and none are deducted from the salary of MEPs.

The salary package includes life and accident insurance, medical insurance, and payments toward language and computer tuition.


MEPs are required to fully account for all their costs and expenses. These accounts must be completed at the end of the year, audited and displayed on the website.

Phil Bennion has been an MEP since July 3rd 2019 and has not yet had to file a full account of his expenses.

The current limits on expenditures are:

Accommodation/subsistence allowance:

  • €320 a day provided they sign a register of attendance


  • MEPs are refunded the actual cost of their travel

Staff costs:

  • €24,943 per Month

General office management costs: €4513 a month for:

  • Office rents
  • Office rates
  • Communications
  • Postage
  • Stationery
  • Printing
  • Insurance

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